Sony lancerer verdens mindste og letteste vidvinkelzoomobjektiv: G-Master FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II

Sonys Alpha-serie bliver udvidet med lanceringen af anden generation af det anerkendte vidvinkelzoomobjektiv, der har en blænde på F2.8.

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Sony har i dag lanceret det nye vidvinkelzoomobjektiv G Master™ FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II: Et E-mount objektiv til 35mm full-frame Alpha™-serien, der dækker brændvidder fra 16mm til 35mm med en maksimal blænde på F2.8 i hele zoomområdet.

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Pris og tilgængelighed

  • FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II bliver tilgængelig fra oktober til en vejledende udsalgspris på 21.000 kr.

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Sony Introduces World's Smallest and Lightest[i] ​ Wide-Angle Zoom Lens G-Master FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II

With the introduction of this second generation wide-angle zoom, along with the second generation of standard and telephoto zoom lenses with a maximum aperture of F2.8, Sony enhances the total Alpha system.

Sony announces the launch of the wide-angle zoom lens G Master™ FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II as a 35mm full-frame α™ (Alpha™) E-mount lens that covers focal lengths from 16mm to 35mm, with a maximum aperture of F2.8 over the entire zoom range.

FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II satisfies the needs of photographers and videographers seeking high-performance lenses, and with the descriptive power and high-speed AF (autofocus) unique to G Master™, it is possible to fully bring out the high performance of our advanced camera bodies. In addition, with its world's smallest and lightest weighti, it is optimal for agile shooting.

With the expansion of the range with this wide-angle zoom lens, a maximum aperture of F2.8 second-generation[ii] zoom lens will be available, along with standard (24-70mm) and telephoto (70-200mm). These lenses, which are each the world's lightest,[iii] have excellent resolution performance, further strengthening the Alpha system, creating rich and varied shooting environments.

World's smallest and lightesti high-resolution F2.8 wide-angle zoom lens

Thanks to a new optical design that effectively arranges the extremely high surface precision XA (extreme aspherical) lens, the FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II achieves high resolution with a maximum aperture of F2.8 over the entire zoom range. This is made possible by creating an aspherical shape with a higher degree of freedom than before. In addition to the stunning G Master bokeh expression with a wide angle, it offers an outstanding close-up performance throughout the zoom range, that minimum shooting distance of 0.22m and a maximum shooting magnification of 0.32x. Furthermore, Sony's original Nano AR Coating II suppresses ghosting and flares to capture clear images even when a strong light source comes into the frame. This is the world's smallest and lightesti wide-angle zoom lens with a total length of 111.5mm and a weight of approximately 547g, which is about 20% lighter[iv] than the previous model.

Extraordinarily fast and precise AF that brings out the best in advanced bodies

FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II includes the latest XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors that effectively works on high-speed drive. It achieves quiet AF that is suitable for both still images and movies, and is up to twice as fast as conventional modelsiv. Even with high frame rate videos where focus shifts are noticeable, the subject is tracked with high precision. When combined with the α1 camera body, high-speed continuous shooting[v] at up to 30 fps is possible with high-speed, high-precision, and quiet focusing.

Operability and reliability for comfortable shooting of both still images and movies

FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM II offers comfortable operability and excellent still image and movie shooting performance that meets the needs of professional and advanced amateur users. By reducing focus breathing during video recording compared to previous models, it is possible to achieve high-quality image expression without fluctuations in the angle of view. In addition, it suppresses the movement of the centre of gravity during zooming and enables stable shooting, so you can shoot comfortably with a gimbal. Operability has also been improved with features such as an aperture ring that can be clicked on/off with a switch, and two focus hold buttons that can be assigned a desired function from the camera body.

Fluorine coating is applied to the front lens, so dirt adhering to the lens surface can be easily removed. The dustproof and splashproof design allows you to use the camera safely even outdoors[vi], giving you greater freedom in shooting.

[i] As of the August 2023 product announcement. Compared to full-frame F2.8 16-35 mm zoom lenses that support autofocus. Sony survey.

[ii] Standard zoom lens “FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II” / Telephoto zoom lens “FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II”

[iii] As of the August 2023 product announcement. Sony survey.

[iv] Compared to ”FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM”

[v] With the α1: “Hi+” continuous shooting mode. Effective at 1/125 sec. or higher shutter speed.

[vi] Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof.


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