FX6 Firmware Update Boasts New Features Including Real-Time Tracking and Breathing Compensation

13 jan., 2022

Sony today announced a new firmware update (Version 2.00) for full-frame Cinema Line camera, FX6, that includes AI-based Real-time Tracking – a long-awaited Auto Focus feature that enables extreme precision when tracking subjects.

Real-time Tracking uses colour, pattern (brightness) and distance (depth) data to process spatial information in real time and AI detects and keeps track of the subject’s eye and face for tenaciously high accuracy.

Based on customer feedback, Sony incorporated new technologies into the firmware update to allow users to deliver stand-out creative content.

The firmware update includes focus breathing compensation[i], for a consistent angle of viewing when focusing, as well as a new technology – bokeh control mode – that takes advantage of variable ND filter. This mode automatically adjusts the ND filter and gain when the iris is operated, making it easy to adjust the amount of bokeh while suppressing exposure changes[ii]. The FX6 also allows 16-bit RAW output to an external recorder[iii] via HDMI[iv], allowing the flexible use of advanced post-production – ideal for movie makers. RAW output from HDMI also eliminates the need for conversion from SDI to HDMI, enabling shooting with a more compact shooting system.


The update also boasts usability improvements including a new picture cache recording function that captures video retroactively[v] for continual recording without filling up a memory card or missing a crucial moment. This function is also available while shooting in S&Q mode. The FX6 also features HDR and SDR dual production for SR Live as well as a 4-channel audio level meter[vi].

The FX6 is part of Sony’s Cinema Line, a series of products that bring the company’s expertise in imaging technology to a broad range of filmmakers and content creators.

The firmware update will be available around the end of January to download. Please click here for more details.


[i] Angle of view and image quality may change slightly when this feature is turned ON. Breathing Compensation cannot be used when Distortion Comp. is OFF; when shooting in S&Q mode; or when the Rec Format codec is RAW or a selection that includes RAW. For the supported lenses, please check https://www.sony.net/dics/breathing/

[ii] This function is only available with E-mount lenses that can communicate with this camera, and maximum effect can be obtained through operation of the iris ring. Depending on the speed of operation, lens, shooting settings, and subject, the image may appear different and the brightness may change. The brightness may change when the direction of operation is reversed, such as when opening the iris after closing it, or when closing it after opening it. Performing a camera test prior to shooting is highly recommended

[iii] A compatible external recorder is required. As of January 2022, ATOMOS NINJA V and NINJA V + can be used.

[iv] RAW output from HDMI is not available in S&Q mode. RAW output is not possible from both SDI and HDMI simultaneously

[v] As soon as recording starts and saves it to memory cards by maintaining an internal cache memory of a specified duration when shooting

[vi] On the FX6 version 2.0, the audio levels from CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4 can now be displayed together on the OSD (on-screen display).


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